New point

of Silk Road

Andrex Logistics owns and manages the container terminal at Chryzanów, located on a Silk Road.

Chryzanów Terminal handles two railway systems 1435/1520 mm. It’s mainly designated for reloading of containers. Cucstomer service is provided by an experienced team of experts.

Chryzanów Terminal

Chryzanów terminal is one of the most developed terminals in the east of Poland with an area of 6 ha.

Our services

  1. 1

    All kinds of loading-unloading operations

  2. 2

    Customs clearance and issuing of railway consignment notes and truck waybills.

  3. 3

    Temporary storage of goods on site in open space without unloading

  4. 4

    Storage of goods in reefer containers and ensuring proper conditions with possibility of power connection

  5. 5

    Storage of full and empty containers

  6. 6

    Handling of all types of 20’, 30’, 40’ and 45’ containers in terminal

Chryzanów Terminal in numbers


Total parking area for trucks with big loads


Total length of truck roads on terminal


Number of priority container trains handle dat the same time

96 TEU each

Loading front cpacity on broad track and European track

14 100m

Total length of rail tracks

200 000 TEU

Annual turnover

180 units

Power sockets for plugging reefer containers in

17 000 TEU

Monthly turnover

3000 TEU

Capacity of container yards

24 000m²

Area of container yards

60 000m²

Terminal area in total



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